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Want to See Part 2 of Former SNL Star Victoria Jackson's Occupy Wall St. Interviews?


"Do you hate rich people?"

Last week we brought you part one of Victoria Jackson's interviews with protesters down at New York's Occupy Wall St. gathering. At the time, we were wondering when part two would surface. Well now it has. And since you loved the first one so much (or at least clicked on it a lot), we're more than happy to bring you the second installment.

(Watch part one of the interviews)

Part two includes an interview with an anti-war Quaker, more Socratic-like questions about Marxism, and even more of Jackson delivering tracts about Jesus. And all delivered in her signature voice. If you're ready, here it is:

Of course, not everyone is a fan of Jackson's interviews. Fellow comedian and Impersonator Jenn Dodd decided to have some fun with Jackson's video and made a parody of it. Consider that Dodd tries to interview Van Jones and instead ends up grilling a black van. And she also mocks the fact that the videos are called "Vickie Goes to Washington" when the interviews take place in NYC (although the Washington reference could be the name of an ongoing segment where Jackson does actually visit the nation's capital). Funny? You decide:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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