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Alec Baldwin: 'Capitalism is worthwhile...


...but we need the government to regulate the hell out of it as I see fit, actor Alec Baldwin told Wall Street protesters during a photo-op impromptu cleaning trip to Zucotti Park last night.

When some Ron Paul fans ask him about the role of the Federal Reserve, Baldwin admits that (surprise!) he doesn't know much.  And when that excuse doesn't work, his handlers step in to try and end the interview.  Oh, and he apparently doesn't like England...?:

Baldwin's viewpoint seems clear: Capitalism is great, especially when it helps him make money, including when he lends his famous face to shill for Capital One Bank -- What's in your wallet?

Clueless talking heads like Baldwin need to learn, however, that they are playing with fire in pledging allegiance to a radical movement they know very little about. (I'm looking at you, Mark Ruffalo.)

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