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Obama gets a shrink in 'Time


President Obama is getting the couch treatment from "Time" magazine. A new series, "Obama on the Couch," written by psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank takes a Freudian look (without the perversion) at Obama's actions and words.

In his first assessment, the Doc says Obama doesn't understand that talk is cheap:

“Pass this bill” probably felt like the right words as well, as did “I will not take no for an answer.” Both of these recent remarks suggest that Obama overestimates his authority and influence in the context in which they’re spoken: he doesn’t have the power to force Congress to pass any bill, or to change Congress’s answer. They sound like the words of a speaker who unconsciously believes that speaking them will make them true — and will then accept how short of the truth they ultimately fall, as if the saying of them were more important than their meaning. On some level Obama expects his words to have the magical power that they have on occasion actually had — and then seems far too willing to forget that they’re actually expected to live up to their meaning.
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