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Coulter (sort of) compliments Obama at Georgetown


Speaking at Georgetown University on Thursday evening, author Ann Coulter offered some unusually kind words for President Obama. Before neutralizing them with a pointed quip, of course.

"Congratulations are in order to President Obama for killing [Moammar] Qaddafi today and [Osama] bin Laden," Coulter said to an auditorium of several hundred students and faculty. "Of course, listening to the mainstream media you would think that Obama parachuted in himself and killed Osama bin Laden in hand-to-hand combat."

Coulter also said the killing of bin Laden hasn't made a difference. "We still have to be sexually molested at the airport. On the way here I got the full pat-down from the tall, handsome TSA agent, so I went through the line again," she joked.

Also interesting were a few odd overhearings in the audience about Coulter before her speech: "Is she married? I don't think so"; "She's really funny"; "She's skinny"; "Those have got to be extensions."

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