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Man Behind Herman Cain’s Unusual Smoking Ad Speaks Out on 'America Live' with Megyn Kelly


The "Cain-Train" is on a roll...

Most of you have probably already seen and, have a pretty strong opinion -- either good or bad -- about Herman Cain's new "smoking" ad. Now, the creator and star of that ad, Cain’s Chief of Staff Mark Block, is sharing the method to his madness.

Speaking to Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Tuesday, Block said "we're on a roll" and insisted the rather strange ad contained "no subliminal messages" about smoking. “I would personally encourage people not to smoke, but as people on the staff said, ‘Just let Block be Block,’” he said.

Block agreed with Kelly about the ads overall message, saying it was meant to appeal to real people living real lives, whether they are from Motor City or a farm in the Midwest.

"I tell you, you walk into a veterans' bar in Iowa and they are all smoking," Block said.  “I’m not the only one who smokes in America, for God’s sake – it’s just a choice that I’ve made, and it was at the end of the ad.”

Block then stated that the real message behind the GOP contender's unorthodox ad is simply to tell Americans that "the Cain-train is on a roll."

Block also took time during the segment to assure critics that, while the campaign is "organic," it does have established operations in Iowa, Florida, New Hapshire, South Carolina and other key states.

Watch the full interview below:

To refresh, the original ad, complete with its pulsating techno-music is featured below:

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