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Look Into My Eyes: Case for a True Hypnotic State Shown in the Eyes?


Can someone be hypnotized or not? Doctors, and anyone who has been to one of those entertainment dinners on a cruise ship, debate whether it's possible or if someone is just faking it. Maybe after you see some start to squalk like a chicken in a room full of strangers you start to believe, but that's still not based on scientific evidence.

Now, a team of international researchers believe they have a clue to helping support a true hypnotic state. They report that it's in the iconic, glazed over eyes.

The researchers from Finland and Sweden, according to Science Daily, used a "highly hypnotizable" woman, who can become hypnotized by a one-word cue:

The researchers used high-resolution eye-tracking methodology and presented a set of well-established oculomotor tasks that trigger automatic eye behavior. They found the glazed stare was accompanied by objectively measurable changes in automatic, reflexive eye behavior that could not be imitated by non-hypnotized participants.

Watch the subject go in and out of hypnosis here:

[youtube expand=1]

As The Daily Mail reports, skeptics to a true hypnotic state believe that the hypnotist is just tricking the subject into seeing images that don't exist even while their mind remains conscious.

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