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Of Course I'm Not!' Michael Moore Adamantly Denies He's Part of 'The 1%


"I need you to admit the bleeding obvious. I need you to sit here and say, 'I'm in the one percent.'"

No matter what you think of Michael Moore's politics, you have to admit he's successful. His films have been hits at the box office and staples in liberal households. In short, he's been the beneficiary of capitalism and his bank account has grown because of it. But try to get him to admit that he's part of the "1%" that the Occupy protesters are railing against and he'll got all high-pitched while denying it.

He did so on CNN Tuesday night with Piers Morgan. Morgan tried his best to get Moore to admit it, but despite some good arguments, Moore wasn't having any of it. Here's part of the exchange:

Morgan: You're in the one percent, right?

Moore: I'm not in the one percent, no. But I am--

Morgan: Probably .2 percent?

Moore: No, I am not.

Morgan: You're one of the most successful film makers in the country.

Moore: No, I am not. For a documnetary film maker, I do very well.

Morgan: Well, now you're splitting hairs.

Moore: There's a big difference between a documentary and Avatar.


Morgan: I need you to admit the bleeding obvious. I need you to sit here and say, 'I'm in the one percent.'

Moore: Well I can't, because I'm not.

Morgan: You are though.

Moore: No, I'm not.

Morgan: You're not in the one percent?

Moore: Of course I'm not! How can I be in the one percent?

Morgan: Because you're worth millions.

Moore: No that's not true. Listen, I do really well. I do well. But what's the point, though?

Morgan: The point is because I find it more interesting if you're in the one percent, because I think you probably are you qualify, that you are railing against a lot of capitalist ideals.

In short, Moore never really explained why he's not in the one percent, and went on a tangent about why he's trying to change the system and that the "corporations" that have paid him will regret it some day.

You can watch it below, courtesy of Mediaite:

By the way, Moore is estimated to be worth $50 million, which would put him in the "1%."

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