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The softer side of Eric Cantor


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor isn't known for inspiring the warm and fuzzies in anyone. And actually, for many he represents the politics-as-usual of Washington. But he's working on it. He wants you to know he's just like you and me.

From Politico:

Cantor is allowing CBS News’s “60 Minutes” cameras into his life, filming his three children and wife to show that he’s not the hard-line ideologue that has become the object of Democratic caricature. He’s invited the “60 Minutes” cameras to spend Thanksgiving with his family; Leslie Stahl is slated to be the reporter on the piece.

In an effort to humanize him, Cantor’s staff has started an online video series called “Snapshot of the Leader,” which depicts Cantor’s daily routine in short bits. The first installment had him talking about the “American dream” and “trying to promote achievement and success for everyone.” There will be a dozen of these rolled out on Cantor’s website.

Thanksgiving with the Cantors. This'll be rich. And high in fiber.

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