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Liberal Radio Host: Ann Coulter Is a 'Closeted Killer' Who Will Enter 'Suicide Pact With Glenn Beck


We're not certain how many people listen to "progressive" radio host Mike Malloy, but for those of us who don't Newsbusters does, and has brought to light some of his truly slanderous comments about Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter. Namely that Coulter is a "deeply closeted killer" -- who has only refrained from murdering Muslims to now because she hasn't mustered up the "courage yet" -- and that one day she will likely "enter into" a "suicide pact" with Glenn Beck.

Ann Coulter is an incipient, closeted, deeply closeted killer. We all know this. She has talked about going to Muslim countries and killing everybody.

She's a real murderess, I mean, she really is. Just hasn't had the courage yet. She will probably enter into some kind of a suicide pact at some point with Glenn Beck.

The segment was not intended to be satirical, these are Malloy's thoughts in earnest. Listen below:



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