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Chuck Woolery Sits Down With Beck and Explains 'Coming Out' as a Conservative


"I feel like people really need to wake up."

If you've had a heartbeat and a television set over the last 20 years, chances are you know the face of Chuck Woolery. He's a game show host legend. And recently, he's been making a series of comedic, and conservative, short videos. They caught the eye of Glenn Beck, who invited Woolery on to Beck's program on Thursday night to talk conservative politics in Hollywood.

Woolery explained the "code" that works as a "reverse blackball" against conservatives where, despite one's qualifications, his politics can prevent him from getting work.

He also wondered out loud if his conservative stance was a product of growing up and understanding the world better, much like the Winston Churchill idea of if you're young and not liberal you don't have a heart and if you're old and not a conservative you don't have a brain, he explained.

"I feel like people really need to wake up," he said, later adding, "we really have to wake up and take responsibility" after describing how he recently asked New Yorkers on the street about Occupy Wall St. and not one could explain it to him.

You can watch Woolery's interview with Glenn, and also hear his thoughts on the Fabian Socialists, below:

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