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TV Star Chuck Woolery Returns With Another Tax Spoof Video on…the Amish


"stealthy little bearded bast***s"

A couple weeks ago, we re-introduced you to Chuck Woolery, the legendary TV host who has now taken to comical PSA-style videos mocking liberal tax ideas. Back then, he hilariously palled the rich who want to pay more taxes. Today, he's calling for more taxes on...the Amish.

Yes, that's right, the Amish. See, the Amish are able to get out of paying some taxes by citing their religious beliefs. That just won't do for Woolery, who calls for a 153% increase in taxes on the Amish with proposals such as the "My name is Jebediah tax" and the "Moustacheless beard tax." He even lets us all know how he feels about the "stealthy little bearded bast***s."

You can watch his new proposals -- delivered in classic Woolery style -- below:

Of course, it's all done in jest in order to point out liberal tax philosophy. But the Amish subject matter probably has something to do with the sect being targeted by the law lately. You may remember that eight Amish men were recently jailed for refusing to post safety signs on their buggies.

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