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TV Legend Chuck Woolery Spoofs Buffett’s Tax Stance in New PSA


"Let's act now!"

Legendary television personality Chuck Woolery is well-known for hosting a slew of American game shows. From "Wheel of Fortune" to "Love Connection," his wide-spanning exposure has made him a familiar face for decades.

And now, in a comical, new PSA of sorts, Woolery takes on the contentious issue of taxation. But rather than railing on with platitudes and long-winded lectures, the television veteran takes a humorous tone in his two and a half minute video.

Aside from calling billionaire Warren Buffett and actor Matt Damon out for their stances on taxation, he sarcastically encourages the wealthy to voluntarily pay higher taxes (he even gives them directions regarding where they can send monies to help lower the nation's debt):

"To those suffering with the unbearable pain of obnoxiously high back balances or low-back pain from sitting on overstuffed wallets. I say forget waiting for Congress to do something. Let's act now!"

Watch the video, below:

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