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Blaze on Campus: Student Video Diary -- Lydia Mazuryk


Over the summer, The Blaze and GBTV sought out college conservatives to find out what it is like to be a conservative on the average college campus.

Lyidia Mazuryk was one of the first to stand out.

She is a senior studying History and Social Thought at UCLA.  As the former chairman of the Bruin Republicans at UCLA (she currently serves as the group's Policy Director), Lydia values every opportunity to share her conservative values with other students. As a first generation American on her father's side, and a California state native, Lydia is unafraid to take on controversial topics such as immigration.  She is an amateur journalist who hopes to expose the hypocrisy of liberal and progressive thinking and hopes to one day work as an educator.

"Undocumented" Student defends the Dream Act.

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