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The most awkward beginning of a story about Anderson Cooper?


There are only so many thoughts that can come to mind when a man pens a column that begins with a dream he had that included Anderson Cooper suspended in a harness. Actually, only one thought. But that's what the New York Times' David Carr did in a piece about the evolution of Cooper's career as a serious news anchor and chatty daytime talk show host:

I had a dream about Anderson Cooper the other night. He was in a vast, cavernous studio and was hanging from the ceiling in a harness, far above the stage.

There was an audience of mostly women and they were clapping wildly as he spread his arms, all but flying above them.

Carr went on to explain he wasn't really dreaming. He had simply dozed off while watching Cooper's show "Anderson," and that was the scene playing out when he awoke in the middle of it.


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