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NYC Reporter Stays Night at Occupy Wall St: 'Scary Place' Where Rape Threat is 'Very Real


"Threat of rape for men and women is very real."

A female reporter braved the frigid and smelly air to spend the night at Occupy Wall Street over the weekend, but her main fear stemmed from the swirling rumors and accusations of sexual assault at Zuccotti Park.

"It's a scary place," Candice Giove of the New York Post told "Good Day New York." She also wrote in a column yesterday on her overnight that "the threat of rape is very real for men and women."

She spent the night in a women only tent, which has been set up in response to numerous allegations of sexual assault and rape down at Zuccotti Park. Police have confirmed at least two instances of sexual assault there, and at least one arrest has been made as a result.

Giove claimed her discussions with Occupiers indicated there have been "many, many stories of sexual abuse in the park."

One woman Giove spoke with during her overnight stay claimed that she had been sexually assaulted in early October,  but stayed in the park since the incident to help counsel other women who have also been sexually abused.

As for the overall atmosphere, Giove belied the narrative pushed by much of the mainstream media that Occupy is just a forum for political dialogue that is gaining the support of the American people.

To give a more realistic sense of Occupy and its disparate, often nihilistic factions, Giove told the Morning show that Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park is:

"its own country, divided into camps with different kinds of people, some people believe in the cause, others just want to be part of the party.. its totally lawless, [with] open drug use in the park."

As for outrage from other Occupiers at the cases of sexual assault in their midst, it appears to have left them unfazed. Many of them are just there because it is a "Fun, hip thing to do," Giove said.

Watch Giove describe her night at the park with WNYW-TV below:

Besides the "threat" of rape, apparently, the Occupiers have also had to be reminded about the need to be good neighbors, respect each other, and even stay sober:

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