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Pelosi's having trouble with her iPhone


Lots of people have trouble with their iPhones, whether it's dropped calls or draining batteries. But Nancy Pelosi is having her own problem: She keeps calling a Republican senator when she means to dial her press secretary.

Of course, you have to take into account that Pelosi is... a little older. But then again, using your phone while power walking probably isn't a good idea either.

From the "New Yorker":

That morning, as she attempted to make her rapid-fire round of political phone calls, she had encountered a technical glitch. “I have a new phone this morning,” she said, holding up a shiny black iPhone 4S, as she marched along the waterfront. “But I’ve had the craziest experience with it.” Every time she tried to call her press secretary, Drew Hammill, she said, “I’d get Jon Kyl,” the conservative Republican senator from Arizona.

“So I call,” she went on, “and they say, ‘Office of Senator Jon Kyl,’ and I say, ‘I’m sorry—what did you say?’ ” She apologized, hung up, and redialled her aide. Sure enough, once again someone answered, “Office of Senator Jon Kyl.”

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