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NYT gives Bialek two emotions and an onion


If you watched the press conference Monday put on by limelight lawyer Gloria Allred and Herman Cain's latest accuser Sharon Bialek, you likely noticed that Bialek didn't come off as an emotional wreck. Granted, she was detailing allegations of inappropriate sexual advances on her by Cain that happened more than a decade ago, so she's probably less wounded by the incident, if it's true.

The New York Times described Bialek during the presser as "Sometimes emotional, at other times clearly nervous." Most would probably agree with that description. But anyone who actually watched, has half a brain and a roll of tape would also add, "and at other times, enjoying herself."

Bialek smirked at Allred's "stimulus package" joke. When someone off camera commented on her hair, Bialek giggled and said "I just got it done!"

There's no mention of that in the Times' story. Does any of it mean Bialek is lying? No. But if it's something I noticed, So did they. And it does make a difference in Bialek's believability.

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