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Have You Seen Mike Tyson's Impersonation of Herman Cain?


The Hill: Calls growing for Cain's chief-of-staff to resign --

Will Ferrell's Funny or Die comedy website has only been around for a few years, but already produced some pretty memorable political sketches. The website has released two recent sketches taking on the 2012 Republican field, finding an impersonator for Herman Cain that is perhaps more well known to some than the actual candidate:

Check out their impersonations of some of the other candidates:

Ferrell's impersonation of President Bush is well known, and led to a 2-hour live and rebroadcasted performance on HBO as the 43rd President left office, entitled "You're Welcome America."

The sketches definitely take jabs at the current crop of Republicans running for president, but the site has poked fun at Democrats in the past as well.

What do you think of the latest Funny or Die sketches? All in good fun or a little offensive?

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