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Scientist 'Nearly Fell Over' When He Saw This 'Albino' Spider


"The world would be a poorer place without spiders."

(Photo: Volker W. Framenau via National Geographic)

Trapdoor spiders are not only shocking to their prey -- they sense vibrations of prey above their burrowed holes and pop up to get them -- but a recent discovered shocked Australian scientists as well.

National Geographic reports senior curator at the Western Australian Museum Mark Harvey received a jar with an unusual spider inside from a man who found it near his house:

"I nearly fell over when I saw its white head," [Harvey said.]


"Spiders are a diverse group of animals that fascinate and terrify many people," though they're crucial in keeping insect populations in check, he said.

"The world would be a poorer place without spiders."

The head of this what's considered to be a new species of trapdoor spiders is completely white -- so it's not a really a true albino. National Geographic reports Harvey as saying this spider is the only known of its kind. It is just over an inch wide.


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