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John McCain Talks About the Rise of a 'Fed-Up Party


"The Tea Party was a movement, not an organization."

Back in 2008, Sen. John McCain mentioned the possibility of the rise of a third party. Yesterday, at a Reuters Washington Summit, he revisited the idea and all but claimed that it was a certainty.

"Unless both parties change, then I think that it's an inevitability. We aren't doing anything for the people," McCain said according to Reuters.

When asked by reporters whether it would be a branch off of the left or right  or whether it would be a centrist party, McCain responded, “I think a Fed-Up Party."

McCain went on to criticize Republican leadership for "not [having] concentrated enough on the concerns of Americans struggling to make ends meet," according to Reuters.

"The party, I think, has got to be a lot more responsive to the plight of the people," said McCain.

How should they address said plight?

"I think we have to weigh in far more heavily on the side of things like reforming the tax code. If we reform the tax code, then many of these large corporations that paid no taxes last year . . . maybe they would."

Reporters naturally asked the so-called “maverick” whether he would leave the Republican party should a “Fed-up” party ever emerge.

"No, I don't think so," he responded. "I will continue to complain about things but . . . I still haven't given up on the Republican Party."

One of the final comments from McCain came after he was asked about possibility of the emergence of a Tea Party candidate.

According to Reuters, McCain was “doubtful.”

"The Tea Party was a movement, not an organization, as we know. And so they've kind of receded. There was never any permanency to them," he said.

"But I think that you could see a national movement, that there's a group of people saying 'look we may disagree on some specific issues but we're not one of them,'" he said.

(h/t Newser)

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