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Round 6: GOP debate on the surface


We're getting there! It was the sixth debate of the fall season Wednesday night. Even though Rick Perry thought it was Sunday. Here’s your recap of the kibbles and bits:

Let's not count Perry out, though it looks like he clocked out two weeks ago. I'm sure you saw, but if you're looking to sweat through your shirt again:

This couldn't have been more uncomfortable had Herman Cain passed Perry a reminder of the third agency's name engraved on a rock.

CNBC's debate was tag-lined "Your money. Your vote." And yet by the time most of us had sat down and found a comfortable position for our legs, they were talking about Cain's sexual harassment allegations. But while Cain isn't off the hook for the accusations, he did very well for himself and it was the beginning of what could be a strong comeback.

You know what was really awkward? Mitt Romney's hair. Quite a few of our readers on THE BLAZE live chat noted that it was a little messy. Granted, "messy" by Romney's standard is like being "feminine" by Janet Napolitano's standards.

Those five hairs haven't seen this much freedom since birth:

The things they can do with technology. It's a miracle there wasn't a mic blowout for Jim Cramer, one of the moderator's, who yelled every question like he was day trading on NASDAQ. Not even a little audio feedback when he said his "P"s or "B"s.

[youtube expand=1]

Many decided this debate would be the one where we can finally eliminate some candidates. Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum needed to do something to regain (or gain any) momentum. Can't say it happened. Chances are, they'll all stay in for at least New Hampshire anyway.

New Gingrich did what he does. So did Ron Paul. They're in for the long haul.

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