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Cain't camp can't catch a break with women


Herman Cain and his entire staff are essentially no longer allowed to use any gender-specific terms thanks to all the sexual harassment/assault allegations he's facing.He got heat for his "Princess Nancy" line at Wednesday's debate and now his security can barely do its job without worrying whether Gloria Allred is around the corner waiting to sign a new client.

From the New York Times:

At a campaign stop Thursday at a diner in Ypsilanti, Mich., the mood turned unusually tense when a bodyguard for Mr. Cain tried to move a reporter out of the candidate’s path. The reporter, a woman, objected, saying, “Please don’t touch me, sir!”

The bodyguard responded, “Now you listen here, lady.”

Campaign events are not usually genteel, but the tone of the incident did not help Mr. Cain’s perception issue.

Nor did this: while shaking hands with patrons in the diner, Mr. Cain elaborated on the reason behind his apology on the Pelosi remark and seemed less than contrite.

“I apologized for calling her ‘Princess Pelosi,’ ” he said. (Actually, he had called her “Princess Nancy.”) When asked why, he said, “So you all could stop asking me about it, O.K.?”

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