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Wacky Radio: Beck Crew Dons Paper Hats and Counts Down to 11:11


"...there are some sort of monsters coming out of the ground, and oh the humanity, or something like that."

Regular listeners to the Glenn Beck radio program are familiar with Gary the numbers guy from Cleveland, OH. He's fascinated with the number 11, and seems to be able to tie all major events to that number. (We also found out today he reads The Blaze -- so, hello Gary.) After Gary joined the Beck radio crew to talk about today's date, 11/11/11, and the importance of the number, Beck decided to stage a countdown to 11:11 am. And boy did it get nuts.

For example, he offered to baptize co-host Stu, made paper hats for everybody, and even employed the use of the death ray sound to simulate what might happen should the studio be hit by a power surge (as Gary hypothesized). Then there were scattered "reports" of monsters surfacing in Trenton, NJ.

Even if you heard the segment on radio, you will probably want to watch the video of what unfolded at KLIF-RADIO in Dallas:

[youtube expand=1]

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