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Cain Suggests Taliban a Part of Libyan Government


Addressing his recent misstep when asked a question about whether he agreed with U.S. involvement in Libya, GOP presidential contender Herman Cain said that the Taliban are involved in the new Libyan government. During a press conference held in Orlando on Friday, Cain defended himself, insisting he asked the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter to be more specific in his question about Libya. That's when Cain's comments about Taliban involvement came into play. He stated:

The Libya question was, the question was too broad. Now I do admit that I was a bit fatigued, but the question was too broad and so I paused, and what they didn’t show was I asked the reporter to be more specific. Well, he didn’t get more specific. His question was — and I hope you all show this, or write about it — “Do you agree or disagree with President Obama on Libya?”

What part?

Do I agree with siding with the opposition? Do I agree with saying that Gadhafi should go? Do I agree that they now have a country where you've got Taliban and al Qaeda that's going to be part of the government? Do I agree with not knowing the government was going to — which part was he asking me about? I was trying to get him to be specific and he wouldn't be specific.”

Mediaite provides the video and points to an L.A. Times article in which a Libyan rebel's account links Libya to the Taliban and al Qaeda.

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