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Here's What Five Years on Mars Looks Like


So we've recently seen two fascinating time-lapsed videos of Earth -- one from space and one of the Californian sky for a year -- but what of other planets?

Here's what Mars looks like from the perspective of the Mars rover "Spirit." The video itself is composed of 3,418 frames taken by Spirit's front-right hazcam played back at 24 frames per second. The video starts at the beginning of her mission when she woke in January 2004 and ends in April 2009:

It may look like just a bunch of rocky, dry, endless terrain and, yes, it can seem anticlimactic when you find out that Spirit only went 4.8 miles in its 5 year, 3 month and 27 day voyage -- for some reason it seems farther in the 2:40 clip -- but Spirit's work on Mars resulted in several valuable findings.

The most significant finding, according to the Daily Mail, was evidence of water, among others.

According to Daily Mail, Spirit suffered many injuries, including one to its front wheel that caused it to drive backwards and eventually become stuck. Once stuck, Spirit conducted stationary research until NASA lost communication with it in 2010. NASA tried to revive Spirit after the Martian winter this spring but couldn't and declared Spirit dead.

But all has not ended for the rovers on Mars. "Opportunity" continues to be mobile and collect data and Curiosity --  a new rover that is twice as long and two times the size of Spirit and Opportunity -- will launch on Nov. 26 for the red planet.

Learn more about Curiosity, which is being called "the SUV of Mars rovers:"

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