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New Time-Lapsed Video of the California Sky Shows 'Patterns of Light and Weather


If your dream was to be a sky watcher but you didn't have time or got bored. Here's your chance to watch the sky for an entire year -- but in less than five minutes.

Created by Ken Murphy, a self-proclaimed "musician, programmer, artist, and tinkerer", this video -- A History of the Sky -- was filmed from a camera that took shots every 10 seconds on top of Exploratorium museum in San Francisco (Note: Murphy suggests watching in full-screen mode at 1080p for best results):

According to The Huffington Post, Murphy made individual time-lapsed videos of the sky each day and then synced them together for this "dynamic time-lapse visualization of the sky for an entire year". Well, not a whole year. Murphy says that he only used 360 days worth of footage because it allowed for a perfect rectangle.

Murphy said on his website that his intention with the project was to show patterns of light and weather over the course of a year. Each frame is placed in chronological order to allow these observations. A clock at the bottom, right-hand corner will give you an idea of the time of day as the video progresses.

Here's another one of Murphy's time-lapsed movies from a panoramic perspective on Pier 14 in San Fransisco:

You can find more of Murphy's time-lapsed endeavors on his website or for a stunning time-lapsed video of Earth taken from the International Space Station, check out this post on The Blaze.

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