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Is Apple's Black Friday Sale a Good (Enough) Deal?


Is this "the day you've waited 364 days for"?

Fellow editor Jonathon Seild said to me this morning "Is it just me or are Apple's 'amazing' Black Friday sales.... well, insulting?" To which my initial response was "The fact that Apple is even having a sale is amazing."

Apple's sale has been highly publicized. Why? Because they never have a sale. The Daily Mail calls it a "highly unusual move for the company, which famously never reduces prices."

But then I got to thinking. Are they really good enough for Black Friday? Electronics on Black Friday can often be up to 70 percent off  and customers expect higher than usual discounts, otherwise it wouldn't be worth the 3 a.m. alarm clock ring, two hour stand in the cold and potential for being pepper sprayed.

Apple is offering 10 percent off most products as well as some other discounts like $11 off Nanos and MacBook Air's dropping $101 to $898. And while these discounts are at least something -- definitely an improvement on the usual no sale on traditionally more expensive brand -- it's still not much.

The Daily Mail continues:

"Even getting money off an Apple product is amazing,' says Mark Wilson, Features Editor of Britain's Stuff Magazine, 'Although British shoppers won't be familiar with the idea of Black Friday -- which is, let's face it, a very odd name - it's a good way to pick up bargains, even if the cuts aren't THAT deep."

Apple describes it as "the day you've waited 364 days for."

GeekOSystem calls the event "mildly discounted" and "barely constituting a sale."

For a full list of the sale, check out 9to5Mac's site.

What are your thoughts on Apple's sale?

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