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Pandemonium: The Day's Craziest Videos From Black Friday


We all know the stories that come out of Black Friday are shocking. For example, we already have reports of a woman pepper spraying rivals at a California Walmart. But in this day-and-age, stories have given way to videos, and Business Insider has promised to keep an updated story with all the wildest videos from Black Friday. We've included some of their selections below (as well as some that we found ourselves) but keep checking their original story for more Black Friday gold (content warning for language in some places).

[A child gets caught in the middle of a rush to get what looks like clothes.]

[$2 waffle makers make people do crazy things]

[About 20 seconds in, you'll see the start of a brawl between two men, and an associate trying to break it up.]

[These shoppers were waiting for a 10 pm sale on video games. When the associate cuts the tape, all hell breaks loose.]

[These two guys come to blows outside before even getting into the store.]

[Here's the video from our earlier story reportedly showing the aftermath of the pepper-spraying incident]

See more videos over at Business Insider.

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