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Adviser to Romney's father calls Mitt 'predictable


A former political adviser to George Romney, late father of Mitt Romney, says Mitt's easier to call than a Washington Redskins game.

George ran for president in the 1968 election. His candidacy crashed and burned before it was even officially announced, due to heavy media scrutiny over his changing support for the Vietnam war. Walter DeVries, who served as an adviser to George told the Washington Post that the whole ordeal has had an effect on Mitt:

 [DeVries] views the younger Romney as something of a casualty from 1968: “Mitt is gun-shy from what they did to his father. ”

DeVries added in an e-mail: “There was [a] significant difference between Mitt and his father — Mitt’s inability or unwillingness to take chances. . . . Mitt did, of course, take a huge, unpredictable risk in his [Massachusetts] health-care program. . . . But, today, Mitt is totally predictable. He will always take the perceived safe answer or course.”

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