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Oops: Old Navy Selling College Tees With Incorrect Founding Dates


Several T-shirts in Old Navy's college line could do with some extra fact checking.

Shirts for the universities of Iowa, Colorado and Arizona are styled with their school colors, nicknames and mascots...and incorrect founding dates.

According to their website, Old Navy claims the founding dates for the three universities are 1820, 1878, and 1881, respectively. Their actual founding dates are 1847, 1876 and 1885. While the dates for Colorado and Arizona are only off by two and four years, Iowa's is off by a whopping 27 -- and 26 years before Iowa even became a state.

Representatives from two Old Navy stores in Iowa told the Eastern Iowa Gazette the styles were only available online, not in their stores.

Online shoppers have taken notice of the errors: Several customer reviews note the discrepancies, with at least one saying they chose not to buy the shirt because of the incorrect date.

The T-shirts were still available online as of Wednesday morning.

It's not the first time Old Navy has had problems with its college apparel. When the line debuted during the summer, a number of them featured grammatical errors, missing an important apostrophe in the phrase "Let's Go!!"

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