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Warrant Out for Saudi Student Who Sold 'Dinosaur' to an American for $7 Million


Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk that dinosaur!

They say there's one born every minute.

And this one is out $7 million dollars, after buying what he, for whatever reason, thought was an actual dinosaur -- but what instead turned out to be a desert lizard -- off a random Saudi Arabian student.

24/7 Emirates brings us the hilarious details:

A US court has issued an international warrant against a Saudi student who allegedly sold a desert lizard to an American man for $7 million as an extinct dinosaur species from Arabia, a Saudi daily reported on Thursday.

The court sent the arrest order to Interpol and Saudi Arabia’s embassy in the United States, Sharq Arabic language daily said.

“The court said in its order that the Saudi student who is studying in the US has sold a desert lizard as an extinct dinosaur species from the Arabian Peninsula to an American man for $7 million,” it said without giving further details.

Can we say buyer's remorse?


And, because we just couldn't help it -- while reading this article a "theme song" came to mind. Hope you enjoy being transported back to 1988 with Was (Not Was) and "Walk the Dinosaur:"

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