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Footage of WMD Stockpiles Uncovered in Libya, Defense Ministry Assures They're in the 'Safe Hands' of Rebels


This exclusive footage from the Libyan Defense Ministry shows tanks of mustard gas and nerve gas...

The diligent crew over at MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) has brought us yet another insightful video out of the Arab world. New footage has emerged out of Libya featuring stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. The following are excerpts from a report on the uncovered WMD's that aired on Alaan TV December 11. The anchor opens the segment by saying that the Libyan army discovered "stockpiles of mustard gas, nerve gas, as well as plant for their production" in the Al-Rawagha and Sokna regions.

"Large underground storage places were also found in the area, containing huge amounts of ammunition and missiles."

MEMRI provides the report and translation. A transcript follows:

Reporter: This exclusive footage we received from the Libyan Defense Ministry shows tanks of mustard gas and nerve gas, which were discovered following the collapse of the Qadhafi regime.

Muhammad Hadiya, head of ammunition and armament in the Libyan Defense Ministry: New depositories were found near the city of Sokna. These depositories contain internationally prohibited gases. Libyan and UN experts took control of them. The depositories are currently held by the Libyan experts, under the control of the Libyan forces and the relevant UN organizations.

Reporter: The Qadhafi regime did not disclose the existence of these depositories when it decided to hand over its chemical weapons to the IAEA. They contain the internationally prohibited gas and nerve gas.

Muhammad Hadiya: In the region of Al-Rawagha, there are stockpiles of ammunition for weapons used on land, air, and sea, as well as huge amounts of the basic components used in the production of mustard gas and nerve gas. These barrels have a capacity of 10,000 liters. In addition, a plant was established for the production of mustard gas and nerve gas, in the same area, south of the depositories. Two of the bunkers served for the basic production.

Reporter: In this region of Al-Rawagha, in south Libya, the Libyan army found these large underground caches in the mountains. The Qadhafi regime buried these stockpiles for reasons known to it alone. These large storerooms contain a wide variety of weapons, and the Libyan army guarantees that they will remain in safe hands, and will not find their way to any terrorist group.

Muhammad Hadiya: We assure the whole world that all this ammunition is well-guarded and is in safe hands, and that the Libyan army and the rebel forces are in control.

Reporter: The areas of Al-Rawagha and Sokna are controlled by the Libyan army. These were among the largest stockpiles of internationally prohibited weapons held by the Qadhafi regime.

Suffice it to say, many probably feel anything but safe knowing that WMD's are in the "safe hands" of Libyan rebel forces.

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