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UFO' Hovering Above Russian Protesters Turns Out to Be...a Drone

(Photo via RT)

For 25,000 pro-democracy protesters in Moscow, seeing a UFO hovering above them over the weekend was probably an exciting moment as they congregated in Bolotnaya Square. Unfortunately, what the UFO really was is not as exciting as an alien vessel from outer space.

Yahoo News reports that the UFO, complete with a set of blue and red blinking lights, was seen by several in the crowd and was described as not a helicopter but having "five extended tendrils or pylons emanating from the body of the vehicle."

Watch the footage taken by a participant:

But reports that this object was not as unidentified as some may have thought. It is a camera drone launched by Ridus media, which is described as "an independent community of civilian journalists," to capture footage of the crowd:

The aerial shots taken by the Ridus drone camera above Bolotnaya Square on December 10 instantly spread throughout the internet. Funnily enough, one of them was published by MailOnline in their UFO article with the following caption: “An aerial view of the rally in Bolotnaya Square during the protest in which the alleged UFO sighting was made.”

It looks very similar to a RoboKopter drone we reported on used by civilians to film Polish police during a protest earlier this year.

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