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Blaze Readers: Here's Your Chance Tell Us About Yourselves! (New Poll)


What do you like to do? Did you vote in the last election?

There are so many of you, that we want to know more about you.

OK, OK, full disclosure: the more we know about you (things like where you live, what you like to do, etc.) the better job our sales people can do at bringing you ads for products that could benefit you. But this information will also make The Blaze a more responsive site. You see, the more information we have about your likes and dislikes, helps us tailor our stories to better match your interests.

Can you please spend a few minutes (seriously, just a couple of minutes) answering some "Yes, No, Don't Care" questions?

BLAZE READERS: Tell us - Who are you?

Feel free to suggest a question of your own!

(H/T: Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast - he did a similar survey on his page.)


In just 24 hours we garnered two million responses. You can see the results of your responses here.

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