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Post Office Orders Letter Carrier to Stop Wearing Santa Suit -- He Refuses


"I'm kinda' going rogue. I might get in trouble."

Leave it to Washington state, a desolate place where the sun never shines, to produce a story about the persecution of Santa Claus.

Bob McLean has been doing his Santa routine for nearly a decade without complaint. But this year, his jolly old St. Nick shtick drew the ire of a coworker who complained that McLean wasn't in compliance with the dress code.

The idea that someone could get in trouble for dressing up as Santa Claus has many shaking their heads in disbelief. But then again, this is coming from the same state that believes the sun only comes out when the gods are displeased.

In response to the stickler's complaint, the postmaster ordered McLean to stop wearing the Santa costume.

"I don't understand why," says McLean. "Santa Claus is secular, it's not any religion."

Despite his supervisor's orders, he has no plans to ditch the Santa suit. Needless to say, his customers are happy to see him continue the tradition (as would be anyone who's not offended by joy or the laughter of children [i.e. people not from Washington state]).

"I love seeing Santa," says Rachel Young, manager of Wee Tots. "It does bring cheer. It brings something to old Main Street that other places don't have."

"I think it's a wonderful thing that he's doing, and I support him," says Hernandez.

Still, there is a possibility that he may lose his job over what can only be described as the most mild-mannered form of public disobedience.

"I mean it's possible," says McLean. "But I don't think they're going to win."

(h/t KSN NBC)

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