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Guess Which Country Hezbollah Is Blaming for the Syrian Suicide Bombings?


“The mother of terrorism.”

Hezbollah flag (File)

It’s unclear who was behind the double suicide car bombings that rocked Damascus on Friday but Hezbollah has a pretty good idea who it thinks was responsible. Though supporters of President Bashar Assad blamed Al Qaeda and Syrian insurgents accused the Assad regime of orchestrating the bombings to drive attention away from the government’s bloody crackdown, Hezbollah says it was a plot carried out by the U.S., “the mother of terrorism.”

The Lebanese Shi’ite militant group released a statement calling such acts: “the specialty of the United States and its agents in our region.” Lebanon’s Daily Star reports:

The blasts came a day after an advance team of Arab League observers arrived in Damascus to monitor Syria’s promise to end its violent crackdown on protesters.

“These bombings which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of people, mostly women and children, are the specialty of the United States, the mother of terrorism,” Hezbollah said in a statement. It accused the U.S. of “specializing in targeting, killing and terrorizing the innocent in order to push them into bowing to the U.S. policy that is seeking to achieve the Zionist interest which the Americans put above any other consideration.”

Hezbollah, which is a major ally of Assad, said the timing of the bombings clearly signaled they were an act of revenge for the U.S. “defeat” in Iraq following the withdrawal of its troops from the warn-torn country.

“This horrific terrorist crime committed by the enemies of humanity in the city of Damascus came one day after the coordinated bombings that targeted Baghdad and other Iraqi cities,” the statement said. “This signals that the parties that stand to lose from the big defeat inflicted on the United States, which led to the humiliating withdrawal of its troops from Iraq, have begun a cowardly, bloody act of revenge by targeting all forces and states that helped the heroic Iraqi resistance in its Jihad [holy war] to evict the U.S. occupation.”

Thousands attended the funerals of the 44 killed in the unprecedented attacks outside the buildings of the powerful intelligence services in the center of the capital.

It’s notable that Hezbollah, a terrorist group with such a rich history of targeting men, women and children, including U.S citizens, racking up almost 30 years of kidnappings, suicide bombings and rocket attacks would so easily accuse the U.S. of specializing in this sordid business.

The U.S. and Israel accuse Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime of providing funds and arms to Hezbollah and for allowing the transfer of Iranian weapons and money via Syria to Hezbollah military operatives in next-door Lebanon.

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