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Islamist Anjem Choudary's Christmas Message: If Jesus Were Alive Today He Would Be Muslim and Implement Sharia Law


Jesus will return one day, and he will break the cross, and he will pray behind the Muslims.

Radical Islamist Anjem Choudary, the jihadist who once called for the execution of the pope and whose militant group even asked if "the assassination of President Obama is legal" -- has released a Christmas message in which he asserts that Jesus, if alive today, would be a practicing Muslim. Not only that but, according to Choudary, Jesus (who he refers to as "Isa") would also be leading the crusade to free "Muslim land" and implement sharia law across the world.

The militant also claims that "Christmas has many evils associated with it" and that the "pagan holiday" is something that "Muslims must put on their agenda, to forbid and to invite people away from" by bringing them into Islam.

Watch Choudary deliver his message courtesy of the ever-vigilant staff at MEMRI. A partial text follows below the video:

The following is a partial transcript of Choudary's Christmas message. Some of the more outrageous passages have been noted in bold:

Christmas is a period when many events and many views are heard. In particular, at this time of the year, people think about Jesus – ‘Isa, may he rest in peace. Jesus was not a Christian, and in fact, if Jesus was alive today, he would be following the Muslims and Islam.

Indeed, ‘Isa said that the Messenger Muhammad would come after him, and he gave him one of the names which Allah has mentioned in the Koran – Ahmad. Indeed, ‘Isa was a Muslim. [...]

In fact, he said that you worship, and you obey, and you follow none but Allah. That is the true message of Jesus, as found in the Koran, and in the statements of the Messenger Muhammad.

In this period as well, the Muslims – those who had the attribute of commanding good and forbidding evil – should realize that Christmas has many evils associated with it. Every true Christian as well knows that this has nothing to do with Christianity. This pagan festival, where there is promiscuity, the abuse of alcohol, domestic violence, and all kinds of crimes, the break-up of families, which are associated with it, is something that the Muslims must put on their agenda, to forbid and to invite people away from this debauchery, in Islam, the pure way of life.

Indeed, Jesus will return one day, and he will break the cross, and he will pray behind the Muslims. He will declare with them that indeed, he believes in the finality of the message of Muhammad, and in Islam.

Choudary goes on to proclaim that if Jesus was We find that the Christian leaders nowadays are targeting the Muslims and imprisoning them. I have little doubt that indeed, if Jesus was alive today, "he would probably spend his time in Belmarsh Prison, because of the views that he carries," and that he would "not be with the Israelis, but rather, with the Muslims, the Palestinians, against the occupation."

"He would not be with the Americans and the British in Iraq and Afghanistan, but rather, with the Muslims struggling and striving to liberate their land, and to implement divine law."

Bold emphasis added by The Blaze.

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