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Watch Woman Cry Tears of Disgust Over Receiving Ron Paul Book for Christmas -- Staged?


Real or staged?

The following is a video of a young woman receiving Ron Paul's book "Liberty Defined" as a Christmas present. Rather than express joy over her gift, however, upon reading an excerpt from the book aloud in which Paul allegedly refers to Israel as an "apartheid state," the woman cries. Whether this was a staged event remains to be verified, but in the video the woman displays shock and horror over Paul's views on Israel and is visibly displeased with her Yuletide gift.

Bloggers on other websites claim that in Liberty Defined, Paul is not calling Israel an apartheid state himself, but is actually referring to questions raised by the liberal party in Israel over perceived "apartheid" conditions.

A Yahoo commenter with the screen-name "Need Nationalism" shares what he claims are Paul's actual words:

"Meanwhile, within Israeli politics, there is a great deal of debate and diversity of opinion. The Liberal party in Israel often raises questions about the apartheid conditions that Palestinians are subjected to. "

It should be noted, however, that in Liberty Defined (in addition to comments made outside the book) Paul makes no secret of the fact that he deems the Israeli blockade of Palestinians in Gaza as "inhumane." In that portion of the book, Paul does not include the context or security reasons for Israel's blockade.

"Blockading the Palestinians in Gaza has proven to be a dangerous and inhumane policy that has precipitated a worldwide condemnation of Israel," writes Paul. Many supporters of Israel, however, will likely find such comments in line with the "Israel is an apartheid state" narrative commonly adopted by Israel's foes.

Not much else is known about this video except that, according to Mediaite, it is going viral...and that, if this is not a staged reaction, the woman is not on board with Paul's politics.

The Blaze contacted a source familiar with the making of the video who claims the scene was captured by someone identified to us as the girl's brother during a Christmas gathering in Escondido, California on Saturday. The man's sister -- presumably the one seen in the video -- allegedly uploaded the clip to a Twitter service before ultimately taking it down. The source also claims that the video was "slightly staged," noting the woman "over-acts" as soon as she sees the camera. See for yourself below:


Do you think this video is staged at all? Even if it is staged, is the woman perhaps attempting to make a point about Paul's views on Israel?

What are your thoughts on this video and Paul's views on Israel? Do you believe Paul thinks there is merit to the "Israel is an apartheid state" argument? Weigh in below.

(h/t: Mediaite)

This article has been updated for clarity. 

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