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Canadian Tourists Find Severed Human Leg Outside Florida Rental Home

A severed human leg washed ashore in Florida Tuesday, discovered by a group of vacationing Canadian tourists. (Image source: WTVT-TV)

A group of Canadian tourists made a grisly discovery Tuesday outside their Florida holiday rental home: A severed human leg had washed ashore.

St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz told local Fox affiliate WTVT-TV the family had gone outside to watch the sunrise over Tampa Bay when they spotted the leg.

"We don't think the leg has been in the water that long. We're still trying to identify the age, sex and race of this person," Puetz told the station.

The leg, intact from hip to just above the ankle, had no identifying characteristics. Police said it appears to be a right leg, but has no foot attached from which to pull prints, according to WTVT. It appears to be from a heavyset individual and is clean-shaven, suggesting it may be that of a woman. There were no shoes, socks or any other type of clothing found.

The local medical examiner's office confirmed Wednesday the leg had been cut cleanly off with a tool. Additional DNA testing is underway to try to identify it.

"What they've told us verbally, at this point, is that it does appear that at least one end of the leg was removed by use of a tool, a cutting tool of some sort," police spokesman Mike Puetz told WTVT.

Police searched the entire area where the leg was found but have not turned up any additional clues, the station reported. There have not been any missing persons reports or reports of violent activity that would suggest a connection.

Rumors that a severed foot had been discovered nearby were unfounded, the station reported.

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