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Stunning Time-Lapse: Photographer's Year-Long, 17-Country Journey in 5 Minutes


"Checking this off my long bucket list felt good..."

Kien Lam quit his job last year and traveled for 343 days through 17 countries, snapping more than 6,000 photographs.

The result of this endeavor is a less than five-minute, time-lapsed video around the world:

On his website, Lam says he first went to Stonehenge, England:

It’s staggering to think that I was standing in front of something that’s been there for 5,000 years. Checking this off my long bucket list felt good, especially since I knew that for the next few months, I’d be traveling around the globe and checking many more things off this little list. I look back and envy the person I was on that day, standing there at one of the ancient wonders of the world (not officially) with all the exciting possibilities of adventures yet to be had and stories yet to unfold and fill itself with details.

From there he went to other areas in England, Paris, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt,  Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and the United States.

Throughout his journey, Lam took 19 airplanes, traveled on 58 buses and was ferried on 18 boats. He took a total of 6,237 photographs.

[H/T Gizmodo]

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