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Furious Nancy Grace Cuts Off Mic of Joran Van Der Sloot's Friend During On-Air Interview


"Take him off the screen, I don’t wanna look at him anymore!”

HLN's Nancy Grace is no stranger to heated exchanges, nor is she shy about telling both viewers and guests what she really thinks. Wednesday evening's HLN broadcast was no exception, as Grace abruptly cut off the mic of guest Joran van der Sloot's friend, John Ludwick, after he blamed Sloot’s victim for her grisly murder.

“You are saying that the murder victim who endured a brutal beating a super human strangulation where her neck bone was crushed, the room covered in blood, her clothes ripped off of her post mortem and left that way to be found, it’s her fault?!” Grace blasted.

“Sir, you know what, cut his mic, John Ludwick, I reserve this for very very few people, but you sir, are a fool. And what you have said sets victims rights back, hmmm, maybe a couple hundred years, take him off the screen, I don’t wanna look at him anymore!”

Mediaite adds:

Ludwick had earlier defended van der Sloot, saying he didn’t deserve the death penalty and that it was a crime of passion.

“She put herself in the situation Nancy!” Ludwick argued. “As soon as she found out who he was, she should have left, she shouldn’t have started an argument and fighting with him, and being in an isolated area…If I was a woman and I was in her situation I surely wouldn’t have stood around to ask him that question, I would have got out of there.”

Watch Grace's heated exchange below courtesy of HLN via Mediaite:

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