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Virginia's Suspected 'Buttock Slasher' Arrested in Peru

Image source: WTOP

The man suspected of using a razor or box cutter to slash young women's buttocks while they were shopping in Virginia has been arrested in his native Peru, police said Saturday.

Authorities confirmed Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel, 40, was arrested in Peru and that police were "starting the process of working with federal and international authorities to return him back to Fairfax County,” a Virginia police spokeswoman in a statement, according to the Washington Post.

Pimentel is suspected of slicing the behinds of women who were distracted while they shopped. Nine attacks were reported between February and July 2011. None of the women were seriously injured.

An Interpol agent confirmed to Washington's WTOP Pimentel was arrested in a Lima mall.

As The Blaze previously reported, in one attack, an 18-year-old woman was slashed through a pair of denim shorts as she browsed for clothing. She said she noticed several clothes fall from a rack behind her, saw a man bend down to retrieve them and then felt a "sharp pain" in her rear.

Another woman reported she thought she had merely been poked by a coat hanger until she realized she was bleeding.

Virginia police learned Pimentel had fled to Peru in December, sparking a wave of local media coverage that dubbed him a “sorta nalgas,” or “buttock slasher,” according to the Post.

Police have not established a motive for the attacks.

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