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Herman Cain joining in on Colbert's joke


Before he aborted his bid for the Republican presidential nomination Herman Cain insisted his campaign was for real. He said it wasn't a joke. But now that he's out, he's joking quite a bit.

Last Friday Cain had some chuckles on Bill Maher's comedy/political talk show "Real Time." Now he's playing along with comedian Stephen Colbert's mock presidential run.

A Super PAC supporting Colbert released a satire ad Monday asking supporters to vote for Cain, whose name is still on the South Carolina primary ballot despite his withdrawal from the race in December. Colbert is ineligible to be included on the ballot.

On his TV show Colbert explained his reasoning. "Because Cain and I are so similar," he said, "I think that if this Saturday Herman Cain were to get a significant number of votes, that would be a sign that voters are hungry for a Stephen Colbert campaign."

Cain apparently likes the whole stunt.

"On Stephen Colbert’s endorsement of himself as Herman Cain, I find it very clever and humorous, as it should be," Cain told Fox New's entertainment blog. "Anyone who finds what Mr. Colbert is doing offensive, should simply lighten up. To be perfectly clear, I will not be assuming Stephen Colbert's identity. We are very different when it comes to the color of our – hair."

Next, Cain will be appearing on a segment of a taping of Colbert's show in South Carolina on Friday, according to Cain's spokesperson.

h/t The Hill

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