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Men Interviewed for Anti-Romney Bain Movie Tell Megyn Kelly They Were Taken Grossly Out of Context


They were not even informed that the movie was about Mitt Romney or Bain Capital.

The following revelation will likely cause an uproar among Mitt Romney supporters and bring significant heat on his detractors. The integrity of the "King of Bain" -- a political movie which claims to tell the story of the former Massachusetts Governor's time at Bain Capital -- is being called  into question after two men interviewed for the film claim that, not only were they unaware  the film was about Romney or Bain Capital, their interview clips were taken grossly out of content.

So egregious was the alleged spin, according to UniMac workers Tommy Jones and Mike Baxley, that both men claim the clips in which they are seen talking about personal hardships were in fact references to incidents that came long after their time at Bain Capital. According to the interview subjects, the hardships they speak of in the film refer to a time when they decided to strike it out on their own by starting an independent business.

Fox News Insider adds:

In part of the film, Jones was featured talking about the fear of losing insurance, and he added, “We weren’t even talking about Bain or Mitt Romney.” In fact, once Bain Capital took over UniMac, Jones said he had no issues because everyone at the company received raises. He also received two promotions while they were in charge.

Baxley agreed and went on to say that he made it clear to the filmmaker that he was not saying anything about Bain during his interview and said, “I just think they did not want to use it as we were stating it, and decided to turn it around towards Bain.”

Jones and Baxley wanted to set the record straight, saying they were told this was a documentary about big corporations taking over small businesses.

According to reports, the movie was paid for by a Newt Gingrich Super PAC and paints Romney as a greedy, corporate raider.

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