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Seattle Gives Us the First, Viral Bad-Weather Driving Video of The Year


It's that time of year again, when residents of snow-laden states relearn how to drive in that white fluffy stuff, resulting in a slew of comical YouTube videos. But perhaps more entertaining are the states that aren't used to snow at all or where even a little bit of powder sends them sliding.

Take Seattle as one of the latter. One local weather channel reports that Seattle's average cumulative snow fall per year since the 1960s has been less than 10 inches (9.6 inches).

This amount of snow is most likely dropped a couple inches at a time. Here's what Seattle drivers look like in just two inches of recent snow (via Business Insider):

This driver just set out to have some snow donut fun -- much to the dismay of the concerned dog (Warning: A bit of strong language):

But Seattleites who are more accustomed to rain beware, as the city is expected to exceed the average this year. Weather forecasts predict a huge storm for Wednesday that could drop more than a foot of snow by this afternoon. The National Weather Service, according to Business Week, reports that it could be the worst snowfall in 27 years. Business Week reports that even more than 7 inches in a 24 hour window would beat the 10 year record for snowfall in one day.

Here's an example of how amazed Seattleites are by a small amount of snow as exemplified by this school-aged child's explanation about the benefit of snow tracks:

Here's a video from a Blaze reader whose dogs were all to excited to head outdoors. They just weren't anticipating how deep it was going to be:

According to Business Week, residents are stocking up and hunkering down, while the Seattle-Tacoma airport and road plows make preparations to keep travel moving as safely as possible.

(Related: Check out the recent snowfall in Alaska that buried some cities in 15 feet.)

Note: If you see any good Seattle snow videos in the coming days send them our way. Stay tuned as we update this post with more videos of Seattle's expected record-breaking storm. 

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