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Was Taco Bell's MLK Day Tweet Offensive?


"Have you ever dreamed about eating @TacoBell..."

In the early morning hours of the day set to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., Taco Bell released a tweet, which has ruffled some feathers as offensive and exploitive to the legacy King set.

Here's the tweet:

A writer for Gizmodo was one of the first to take issue with the tweet, stating it was poor form to draw a comparison to King's speech and intent by comparing it with a taco:

Ponder that, and think about MLK's dream of racial, economic, and societal equality. Then think about unwrapping a Gordita and stuffing it into your gaping maw, most likely served to you by an underpaid, undereducated employee. The dream is alive!

A note to corporate Twitter stewards: if you want to do some marketing on the back of the civil rights movement, at least do it in a classy way, like McDonalds: "Today we're remembering a great leader and inspirational man – Martin Luther King Jr." Simple, honest, and sincere.

Ever since the tweet, those on the Twittersphere have been criticizing the think-outside-the-bun fast food restaurant. Here are a few:

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