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Update: Two Hands, Two Feet Found Near Hollywood Sign Too


"If there's any other parts of this poor guy out there we'll find him."

Police on Wednesday discovered two hands and two feet near where a severed head was found close to the famed Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. (Image source: Los Angeles Times)

Following the grisly discovery of a severed human head near the famed Hollywood sign, Los Angeles police on Wednesday discovered two hands and two feet nearby, all of which appear to be from the same victim, KTLA-TV reported.

Police cadaver dogs found the hands and feet within about 50 yards from where the head was found, the station reported. Investigators said they are hopeful they can obtain fingerprints from the hands.

According to the Los Angeles Times, authorities won't know for certain if the parts are all from one body until they conduct forensic testing.

The feet were discovered in a shallow grave apart from the head and hands, raising the possibility that the body parts were buried together initially but later scattered by wild animals, sources told the Times.

Police said the head discovered by dog walkers Tuesday appears to be that of a man, believed to be 45 to 60 years old and with graying hair. He had likely been dead a day or two.

Police were back in the park area Thursday, looking for additional body parts and evidence. About 100 officers were involved in the search, some on horseback, according to the Associated Press.

"If there's any other parts of this poor guy out there we'll find him," Commander Andrew Smith told KTLA-TV.

He said whoever dumped the parts apparently intended to hide them.

"If they wanted them to be found, they could have left them at the gate," Smith said.

Police don't have an official motive for the killing, but said they do not believe it to be the work of a serial killer, the Associated Press reported. Meanwhile, local residents had their own ideas, such as a gang killing or a drug deal gone wrong.

"It sounds like they kind of botched it" because the body was discovered, Mark Hart told the AP. "They probably thought if they left it there, the coyotes would get it."

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