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Herman Cain: 'That's the same crap' the media did to me


Of course Herman Cain would rush to the defense of Newt Gingrich in light of an interview by Gingrich's ex-wife, who claims he wanted their marriage to be an open relationship.

Cain himself was the subject of allegations from four separate women that he engaged in sexual misconduct with them, thus leading him to suspend his own presidential campaign in December.

"I loved Newt Gingrich’s response because that’s the same crap that they pulled on me, and that’s what’s wrong with politics," Cain told Fox News on Friday morning. He was commenting on the fiery response Gingrich gave to CNN's John King during Thursday's Republican debate when King asked about Gingrich's ex-wife's claim.

Gingrich told King that he had offered up friends who could refute the claims but ABC News, which aired the interview also on Thursday, was "not interested."

ABC Senior Vice President Jeffrey W. Schneider told the Washington Post that isn't true: "His daughters were in our story last night and we sought interviews with Gingrich or surrogates very aggressively starting Tuesday morning. Would have been happy to interview anyone they put forward.”

Someone here is lying. But at least we can assume it's not Herman Cain.

h/t Politico

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