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Real News From The Blaze' Panel Delivers Their Own 'State of the Union' Addresses

Real News From The Blaze' Panel Delivers Their Own 'State of the Union' Addresses

The crew of "Real News From The Blaze" each delivered a State of the Union address to rival that from any POTUS.

Below are the speeches from all four panelists -- S.E. Cupp, Will Cain, Buck Sexton and Matt McCall -- in which they describe the state of the union today.

For her part, Cupp focused on the president's numerous "failed" promises -- from earmark reform to promoting an open and transparent government -- from abolishing lobbyists to not increasing taxes on families earning under $250 per year.

Invoking instances from the inspirational book "Moneyball," Will Cain delivered reminded that America is a nation of "doers" and that by protecting people from failure, the country has done itself a disservice.  "Allow people to fail and celebrate those who risk failure," argues Cain and we will "not only be successful" but "exceptional."

The Blaze's Buck Sexton delivered an address centered around foreign affairs. "As the rest of the word adjusts to a "seismic shift not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union," Sexton begins, "America remains tactically supreme but strategically confused." Observing that the nation has, in some cases, traded its security for idealism Sexton observes that "if we're not careful, me might have neither." In "these tumultuous times" America must ensure democracy and demonstrate "that we will protect our own freedom at any cost."

Panelist Matt McCall's state of union address focused on the "uncertainty" created by the economy and the country's 13 million unemployed. He blames Obama's lack of a longterm economic plan, overregulation, Obamacare and 99 weeks worth of unemployment benefits as just a few of the reasons for the nation's troubles.

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