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Does This Wacky New Political Ad Depict Obama as Capt. of a 'Slave Ship?


"bailed-out bankers, health-care freeloaders, Guy Fawkes, corporate fat cats, and a blond woman in a bathtub"

File this one under wackiest political advertisement ever made -- or, at the least, one of the oddest to date. You may think that I'm being dramatic here, but take a moment to watch the 39-second clip called, "Turn This Ship Around," that was recently created and released by the Mark Oxner campaign.

Oxner, a Republican, is hoping to win the District 27 congressional seat in Florida come November. His new video, which departs wildly from more issue-based campaign pleas, is turning heads for more reasons than one.

The bizarre ad takes place on a vessel that looks like pirate ship -- but with some amenities. The New Times actually calls  calls it a "slave ship." While there's no definitive way to determine that this is, indeed, intended to invoke images and themes related to slavery, footage of children rowing the massive boat with a voiceover that says "let's not enslave our children with debt," only add fuel to the fire.

Here's a description from the Times that provides more details surrounding what Oxner's ad depicts:

The 39-second ad appears to be set on a slave ship called the "U.S.S. Obamaboat," which flies an upside-down American flag and is filled with a cast of characters that includes bailed-out bankers, health-care freeloaders, Guy Fawkes, corporate fat cats, and a blond woman in a bathtub who says "stimulated" in a way that made us vaguely uncomfortable.

BuzzFeed writes:

Republican Congressional hopeful Mark Oxner's new ad looks like it was directed by Tim and Eric, has throw-away attacks at Cialis and Anonymous, and features Barack Obama driving a ship off a waterfall.

The ad takes particular aim at former Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson, as it depicts him as a squawking bird (literally). Grayson is running against Oxner this November.

Watch the oddball ad, below:

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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